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Tailor-made to cook pizzas on a barbeque

Introducing Barbizza

Have you ever wanted to cook a pizza on a barbeque – well now you can - using the brilliant new Barbizza™ Barbeque Pizza Oven. This has got to be the greatest revolutionary development in outdoor and BBQ cooking in the past decade.

Simply place the Barbizza™ on any barbeque, gas cooker or hob, or similar combustible heat source. Pre-heat for 2 minutes, place your pizza on the tray and cook for approximately 8 minutes. That gives you time to create your next pizza and it’s continuous cooking from then on. It’s that simple!

Totally manufactured and designed right here in New Zealand, crafted entirely of 304 stainless steel.


- simple to use

- convenient

- quick and efficient

- a healthy way of cooking

- portable (weight 3kg)

- great fun to use

- NZ made and designed  

- PCT/NZ2006/000049

Download Full Brochure - here