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Tailor-made to cook pizzas on a barbeque

About Barbizza

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The concept of this product came about from the abundant supply of precooked sausages served up at parties and gatherings. Having eaten himself sick of these, Tony set about to create something different. As with the good old sausage, the Barbizza is simple and convenient, but attempting to make the conventional pizza at a barbeque was not. Two years and several thousand pizzas later the design of the Barbizza has turned this around and now enables you to cook pizzas on your joe-average barbeque with great ease and simplicity. This product has proved itself even to those unskilled in the the art of cooking - such as my accountant

Create an instant party atmosphere anywhere you go with this amazing product. It’s so easy to use!

You’ll find your guests doing all the work for you – people just love designing their own pizza. And the clean-up is so easy as well.



Having a party and things always get messy during the course of the event, you’ll be surprised at how much people will eat when there is a continuous supply of scrumptious finger food being wafted in front of them.

Great host responsibility too and such a simple way to ensure the safety of your family and friends when they’re having a few drinks.

It’s a great way to involve the entire family in creative, healthy eating. It’s so convenient, just grab the round red bag and run off to the beach or the backyard. A bit of dough or pre-made bases and a few containers of toppings and you’re set for a fantastic eating experience.

Going on a camping trip or family day out – all you need are your ingredients, a simple portable gas stove and this incredible piece of equipment – you’ll be amazed at how many healthy, creative pizza varieties you can achieve using the Barbizza™.

We are confident you will find your Barbizza™ Barbeque Pizza Oven a hit with everyone.

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