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Tailor-made to cook pizzas on a barbeque


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Starting to use your Barbizza™ BBQ Pizza Oven

The first time you use your Barbizza™ you will need to burn off any residual processing oils that may not have being washed off. To ensure this, place unit on the heat source and heat for 5 minutes whilst empty. Let unit cool and wipe down surfaces. Do not wipe the BBQ Pizza oven with damp cloth whilst it is hot. This may distort the surface or cooking tray permanently.

Cleaning and maintenance of your Barbizza™

After using your Pizza Oven, turn off the heat source and let the unit cool before handling it. Remove the lid, enabling the unit to cool quicker. Scrape off any food remaining on the cooking surface. Wipe down the cooking surface with a disposable kitchen towel or similar. Do not stick fingers through vent holes. Place lid under the base and store in the bag provided ready for the next pizza event.


The Barbizza™ Barbeque Pizza Oven has a full one-year warranty against manufacture defect. However, we expect this product to out-last this warranty by 10 times. This warranty becomes void if the product shows evidence of misuse, or use contrary to the design intent or instructions.

Barbizza™ BBQ Pizza Oven Instructions

Tip – select a sheltered spot to place your BBQ. 

Tip – the handle gets Hot! Always use the handle, making sure it is firmly located to place and remove the lid. Always remove the handle when cooking.

Tip - Do not over-load your pizza. Topping should equal base thickness and overall height should not exceed 15mm.

Important precautions regarding this product!

Even though the Barbizza™ is manufactured to a very high standard, some sharp edges may exist on the inside of the vent holes. Avoid sticking fingers in any of the vent holes.

Like any cooking device, this product does get HOT! To avoid burns, always use the handle and follow the instructions.

We recommend that this product not be used by children and that they must be supervised at all times when in the vicinity of this product when it is in use.

Never leave the Barbizza™ unattended when it is in operation.

Never leave the Barbizza™ on the heat source whilst it is empty as this will cause overheating.

Never leave the handle in place when cooking as it will get HOT!

Do not use the Barbizza™ other than for its intended use.

Always allow the Barbizza™ to cool down before packing it away in the bag provided.

This product will not operate on an electric stove/element and this should not be attempted.

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