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Tailor-made to cook pizzas on a barbeque

Hot Tips

Just a few tips we’ve discovered that might help you achieve the best from your Barbizza™

  • when using a gas hob the heat is more intense so keep the flame low
  • you can use baking paper or tinfoil cut into circles the size of the cooking tray to pre-prepare your bases on if you are using your own dough and cook them straight on that.
  • we have found that using large pita breads is a quick, economical and convenient base to use.
  • if using the Barbizza™ in a windy area, you may need to rotate your pizza to ensure even cooking results.
  • we have tried cooking just about everything on the Barbizza™ and found that it successfully cooked most frozen, oven-ready products simply by following the manufacturers instructions. However, do not overload the oven and remember that this is not the intended use for the product.

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